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Web coupon details

This web coupon is no longer available.


WILLER EXPRESS★1000 Yen coupon for 3 seats in a ro

1,000 JPY discount

  • Restricted by seat type

This coupon cis valid for WILLER's original comfortable seats (3 seats in a row) so that you can sleep well in the night bus.

  • 1,000 JPY discount
The acquirable period Nov.27,2019~Dec.02,2019
Reservation available period Nov.27,2019~Dec.02,2019
Target departure period Nov.27,2019~Feb.02,2020

Condition of use

Available to None: available for all members.
Seat type BEAUTE4 LADIES,Comodo,Comodo,BEAUTE4 LADIES,BEAUTE (Economy),BEAUTE (Economy/Women only area),BEAUTE (Economy),BEAUTE (Economy/Women only area),BEAUTE LADIES,BEAUTE,BEAUTE,BEAUTE LADIES,NEW PREMIUM (Economy/Men only),NEW PREMIUM (Economy/Men only),NEW PREMIUM 2 seats in a row,NEW PREMIUM (Economy),NEW PREMIUM (Economy),NEW PREMIUM 2 seats in a row,NEW PREMIUM 2 seats in a row,NEW PREMIUM 2 seats in a row,NEW PREMIUM Single Seat,NEW PREMIUM Single Seat,Luxia (Economy),Luxia,ReBorn(Window side of 2 rows seat),ReBorn,ReBorn(Middle seat of the front row),ReBorn,ReBorn(Aisle side of 2 rows seat),ReBorn(Individual seat),ReBorn(Middle seat of the front row) restrictions
Notes These web coupons are valid for highway bus trips operated by WILLER group.

When cancelling a reservation made using the web coupon, the coupon will remain unused. You can use it again before its expiration date. (You can confirm it through Web coupon management from My Page.)
If you cancel a reservation made with online coupons and a cancellation fee is incurred, the cancellation fee will be computed based on the price after the coupon was applied.